For the foundation

of strong brands.


Brand management is an essential part of business management.

POWER BRAND INTERNATIONAL is a brand consultancy specialised in strategy, positioning and identity. We build, assess and improve brands.

The power of brands.

We believe every company is also a brand. The question is whether you are aware of it and how well you utilise its potential. It’s the strong brands that provide stability to consumers in difficult times. The importance of a strong brand has not declined. Consumers look up to strong brands.

How strong is your brand? Is it relevant in your target audience’s minds? Is it desirable? How different is it to your competitors? It’s these and other questions that must be asked. We help build new brands and strengthen existing ones by applying specific methods and concepts. 

Brands are like solid buildings with a strong foundation and supporting pillars. The name is a crucial element of a brands’ foundation. We put our branding expertise and our own method into developing impactful names.

– Mario Montanari