“Architects of brand identity”


A strong identity is the foundation of

every successful brand

We develop impactful and relevant solutions for the elements of brand identity.

From brand and company names, brand positioning, brand values up to an entire brand identity system.

We conduct brand identity checks for established businesses as well.

Brand power is our passion, your brand power is our mission.


An extract of our services:


Clear and differentiating brand positioning creates orientation and relevance for your target groups. Positioning reflects what a brand stands for. We support you in elaborating and defining targeted and effective positioning for your brands.


The name is a fundamental element of a brand or a company. It is perceived through various senses and must therefore be well chosen and consider certain criteria. Our methods and development processes result in strong naming solutions.


When launching a new product you need to decide what brand strategy to apply best. That matters especially if it is not your first product. We are happy to explain what that means and why this is an important topic as well.

The name is a fundamental element of brand identity. It is heard, spoken, read, written and therefore perceived through various senses.

– Mario Montanari