In brand management, brand identity is a relatively important issue. The views and opinions on what brand identity is about vary a lot, even amongst brand experts. This is why we would like to look into this topic from our point of view.

Firstly, it is important to understand that it is not only about a brand logo, colours or typo. Brand identity is actually a whole system that consists of different elements.

Secondly, brand identity is not the same as corporate identity. Some elements may overlap or even be the same, but brand identity focuses on the product, service or even the company brand.

Thirdly, brand identity can be seen in various ways. In our opinion, a crucial factor is that brand identity is a set of elements that employees, management, consumers and other stakeholders can live and experience as well as develop an opinion.

The single elements of a brand identity system should be connected, complement and support each other in a strategic way. The clearer the brand identity elements are defined, implemented and lived after, the clearer the brand will stand for something in the people’s mind. The way we look at brand identity, it has a crucial impact on a brand’s power. The elements of brand identity have an impact on brand power and, importantly, also on brand value. That is why we use the term brand power in the core of the graphic below. In the brand identity, or now brand power graph below you will find the 9 elements that are the most important ones in our opinion.

Why does brand identity actually matter? Well, it mainly creates awareness and consciousness amongst employees, management, consumers and target groups but also other stakeholders on what the brand stands for, what the goals and the brand vision are, which values count and what the visual language and identity are. It is basically a brand orientation and a guide system in the universe of the business ecosystem.

If a brand identity system is installed and practiced, it will resonate with target groups and increase the chances for long term success and – very importantly – it helps in increasing brand value.

Fourthly, it makes sense, for instance, to also have your brand vision and values published on your website. This can be seen as public relations and corporate communications as well. Do good things and say it!

Lastly, another important aspect is to make sure that your own employees know the brand identity system. They should live and behave accordingly and identify themselves with the brand’s identity. This way they will act as brand ambassadors outside of their work place.  

Have you established a brand identity system for your brands already? If not, you should start soon. We are happy to support you.

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