Brand positioning of spirits

Not many spirit products have a claim to support their brand. We are not talking about statements like ‘distilled at…’ or similar ones. We are talking about smart claims that have the power to create a clear positioning that helps a brand to be different and unique.

Especially brands that are marketed on an international level could benefit from it. But also brands that due to limited production volumes are only sold on a national or regional level, could achieve their own and competitive brand positioning.

A very good example for a strong brand claim and a unique positioning is Bruichladdich, a scottish Whisky destillery that is located on the rough but beautiful island of Islay in Scotland. They see themselves as ‘PROGRESSIVE HEBRIDEAN DISTILLERS’. This claim expresses their origins, a distinctive attitude, a clear state of mind and philosophy. A brand claim often stands for a promise too. Bruichladdich fulfills this promise.

Why progressive? Well, Bruichladdich strives for innovation and progress. They don’t only stick to their proven and popular products. And they don’t always limit production guidelines to the conventions of the official authorities of the scottish whisky destillers, who do not really appreciate this attitude. But Bruichladdich seems to get away with it. What also adds to all this and the brand’s positioning are their products. They are intense in taste, strong on the palate (for those not used to Islay whisky) and therefore reflecting the typical flavours of Islay.

The story of Bruichladdich, the drive for constant innovation and being nonconformist to a certain degree, makes the brand different with a clear, unique and competitive brand positioning. And as a brand ambassador told us during an event in November 2018, sales figures are quite positive. So Bruichladdich achieved not to be just one of many scottish whisky brands, but to become a unique and very popular Scottish Whisky Brand.

We believe, their brand claim is well chosen. Bruichladdich is a very good case of brand positioning in the world of spirits. A smart brand claim and a distinctive brand positioning can with no doubt work for other spirit brands as well and is of course not limited only to whisky.


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