If we want to find out why certain companies or brands are more successful than others over a certain period of time, there are a few known factors that come into mind. If we want to find out why certain companies fail, you can see that they lacked these factors. We are talking about such things like innovation, smart marketing and branding, management with a longterm focus, true customer care, modern employer branding, expanding into new markets and maybe a few more. This article is about the true reasons for entrepreneurial progress and success. There may be various reasons. But we believe there is a key driver to progress and success.  

The world and the time don’t stand still. Everything is on a constant move. This is why businesses as well need to move forward and go with the flow. If we don’t go with the flow, we eventually will drown. We all are creatures of habits. We all get used to things in life. That can be things such as objects, products, situations, circumstances, or people spend their holidays at the same places and so on. Our behavior and attitude are also influenced by convenience and the famous comfort zone. Even people that live in a rather underprivileged zone, get used to it. Thy then may blame others for being in that miserable situation, which is also a convenient way of not having to take action. It does take efforts to move forward, but many are not even willing to taking action.

This similarly counts for businesses too. As soon as a certain level of success has been achieved, they try to stay in there. But today, standing still means moving backwards. The day to day efforts are limited to keeping what has been achieved. Preserving the present is the thing, but it’s not enough.

In order to stay successful in the long-term, we need growth. That can be growth in quantity or quality, or both. It can be more revenue, more customers, new products, new markets and so forth.

So, we have asked ourselves what the key driver for growth and progress could be. In actual fact it’s simple and quite natural, it is within all of us. But as we grow older, it seems to fade away, even though it shouldn’t. We are talking about CURIOSITY, as simple as that.

If people would not be curious, the world would be much poorer. All inventions and discoveries are based on curiosity. Conquerors, discoverers or developers were or are all curious about something. Thirsty for something new. Toddlers eventually start walking because of curiosity. Curiosity is the true driver for finding out new things. Unfortunately, curiosity was or is also the reason for darker sides in life, and it can even be dangerous. That is the downside of curiosity.  

But if a company or a brand wants to survive and stay in business it needs to be curious. Part of this is also the willingness of trying out new things and allowing to fail. Failure is part of the process. It will eventually lead to success. Sometimes failure is the first step to success.

Many successful business people had to try out various things before they got successful. They first failed but they kept on going, tried out new things, didn’t give up, were patient and believed in their mission. Eventually they got rewarded and success became reality.

Many formerly successful businesses were not curious enough and were happy enough to just preserve what they had achieved some time ago. They tried to maintain the status quo, but that is not enough. The world kept moving while they stood still and eventually disappeared or the business shrank to a minimum. Nokia or Kodak are just two of them, there are many more examples. They did not strive for new products, technologies, markets or customers’ needs. They just ignored them.

Just think of market research or research in general. People do research because they want to find out things or develop new products. Curiosity is the trigger for research.

It’s curiosity that brings us humans and businesses further. It’s the driver for innovation. Every company, therefore, should determine curiosity as one of their corporate values. Because it’s curiosity that creates new products or services. It’s curiosity that creates growth and turns a company’s actions into success.

Imagine a world without curiosity… Therefore: Corporate value? Curiosity!

Mario Montanari, May 2020


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