Naming is like architecture and construction

Did you know that most brand names amongst the top 100 Best Global Brands that are published by Interbrand every year, consist of six to eight letters?

So what, you may say. Does it matter? Yes, it does. There are a couple of reasons why a brand is successful or not. Naming is one of them; it plays an important role if it comes to brand power. Long names, for instance, will more than likely not be remembered very well. Ideally a brand name consists of four to nine letters. There are of course exceptions like personal names that are widely used in the fashion and luxury industry.

The combination of vowels and consonants play a crucial role. If it comes to remembering names, vowels do a better job than consonants. Sometimes it is not clear how a name is pronounced or even written.

Naming, however, sometimes is like architecture and construction. Statics and the base count. There is more to naming than just choosing a name that appeals to the brand owner. Various criteria must be taken into account, for instance ‘voice’. If voice recognition is important for a brand, then it is crucial what name you choose or how the name is created. The sound of the name depends on how you create the name. It is the art of how to use letters, syllables or word endings. One could say many brands have collapsed like houses built incorrectly.

A problem that often can be seen is that too much creativity or trendiness is put into naming. It may be better not to create names that are too playful and cannot be remembered well. Those are the brands that come and go. It does not really matter if you first choose a name type or if you have a specific name in mind. But from a strategic point of view choosing the most suitable type of name can be crucial.

Not every name type makes sense for any given product or service. That is why this is an important decision to make in the naming process. It is also part of a strong brand base. There are, however, cases where the name type does not really suit the brand but the brand is nevertheless successful. This is a separate issue and will be dealt with in a separate article.

Choosing the right name is strategically very important. It is a decision that has to be made very carefully. A naming specialist can provide you with the support needed in this regard.


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