Work: Company Naming

Servitron GmbH is a new company from Switzerland that specializes in technical aftersales services. They apply a distinctive social and economical approach which also helps to differentiate them from their competitors. At the beginning of this year they had no company name. They wanted professional support to make this crucial decision.

Power Brand International was given the responsibility to find a new company name. After the briefing and formulating the naming concept, the creative process started. Various naming solutions were created methodically in several stages. Consulting was intense and strategical. Possible legal conflicts, the market setup, brand management issues and other criteria had to be considered. In this way it was possible to create suitable names. The client finally chose SERVITRON as the new company name. After doing additional legal research it was possible to register the trademark.

We also created two company taglines. One to be applied at the beginning of the launch and a second one to be applied after expansion into other regions. This second version supports one of the above mentioned approaches and company strengths.

The company logo was designed by our design partner. Two different colours and fonts were used in the logo to emphasize the two parts in the name which are derived from two different words.

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