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The power and value of a brand can best be increased if all elements of the brand identity system are

clearly defined and synchronised. We can support you in these strategic areas to fully utilise your brand’s potential.


Clear and differentiating brand positioning creates orientation and relevance for your target groups. Positioning reflects what a brand stands for. We can support you in elaborating and defining targeted and effective positioning of your brands.

. Corporate positioning

. Brand positioning

. Features of differentiation


We develop strong names that conform strategically, which is why we also keep an eye on ‘the right name’ and not only on appealing names. We as well apply our own creative methods and consider the most suitable naming concepts and the most important naming criteria. We create names for these areas:

. Products

. Services

. New Companies/Start-Ups

. Mergers

. Projects

. Events

. Media programmes

. Rebranding


When launching a new product you need to decide on a brand strategy. This is particularly important if it is not your first product. We are happy to explain what this means and why this is an important aspect as well.

. Single brand strategy

. Umbrella brand strategy

. Family brand strategy

. Multi-brand strategy

. Transfer brand strategy


Core values of your brand or your company matter. They support the identity and the positioning. It also leads to stronger identification of employees with the brand or company. Let’s work on it together.

. Analysis

. Definition

. Implementation (intern./extern.)


Taglines are the positioning essence of brands or companies. They are used to support the brand throughout all your communications. Even advertising campaigns can be supported by slogans. Let us help you create solutions which will make an impact.

. Brand taglines (long term)

. Campaign taglines

Brand Identity System

If you would like to create an entire brand identity system, these additional componants can be worked out as well, or existing ones can be updated. 

+ Brand vision

+ Brand personality

+ Brand mantra

+ Visual identity

Additional Services

Established companies sometimes realise that, for example, their brand name is weak and not competitive enough, the brand’s positioning is not clear or they are unsure of how their target audience perceives them. In such cases we analyse the company and the market settings. This insight can reveal valuable information and allow us to work out targeted and effective rebranding solutions. Often through small changes, one can achieve great results.

Corporate communications
On request we check text content on various channels and touchpoints such as websites, social media or corporate publishing. It is about aligning the content with the company’s strategic positioning and to have consistent and integrated content throughout your channels. We can support you by creating copy text content that reflects your company’s strengths and positioning.

Power Brand International also conducts tests and surveys on the chosen brand name just before a product or service is launched in order to get valuable insight from the target groups. So, if necessary, some changes can still be made to the name. We call this a ‘name quality check’. This can, for example, be to find out how well a name is liked or accepted by the target group/s or it can be to find out which name out of a shortlist performs best in a survey. We develop the questionnaire, conduct the survey and provide the final report.

Are you about to launch a new product, service or project and need to find a suitable name for it? Perhaps you’re planning to run an internal workshop or brainstorming session with your employees. This is likely to keep costs low, achieve a high level of employee identification and tap into a wealth of creativity. We strongly recommend only carrying out such naming processes under the leadership of a naming expert. The group of employees or decision makers participating in the process should be kept as small as possible. The same applies to brand slogans. Contact us to discuss the content and scope of your workshop to best suit your needs.

Keynote speeches
Would you like to give a talk or presentation at a seminar or professional event about naming or brand management? Then we’re your ideal partner. In consultation with you, we will jointly define the content and duration of your presentation. We look forward to hearing from you.