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In brand management it is important to choose the best possible brand strategy in order to achieve long-term business objectives. Which strategy to choose depends on various and vital factors. Sometimes and under certain circumstances it can also make sense to change an existing strategy. We can show you which brand strategy to apply best for your business and in your markets. This can be for when you launch or add new products or services. Develop your brand architecture with us.


Brand positioning is going through controversy lately. We believe brands still need to be positioned clearly and in a distinctive way. Especially when times are getting tougher, they need to be an anchor in the consumers’ minds. Consumers still want to know what a brand stands for and it needs to be relevant to them. Having a focus, being desirable or emotional perceptions are only a few factors that count and have a positive impact on brands’ positioning. Let us show you, what really matters when positioning a brand, how to define, sharpen and strengthen the positioning of your brands.


Naming is one of the first and most important tasks and decisions you must make when starting a new business or launching new products and services. The name is a crucial element of every brand and its identity. People visit experts for many things. Entrepreneurs and managers should as well when looking for a new brand name. Sometimes good naming comes quick and easy, sometimes it is a complex and challenging process. There are certain rules and criteria that need to be considered in naming. We apply our own methods when developing names that can potentially grow into strong brands for companies, products, services, projects, events or media. Be it for new launches, re-branding or mergers.


A brand tagline supports and differentiates a brand by sending out a short and catchy message. We also call it the essence of a brand’s positioning. Whether it is just a statement or a promise, a strong tagline needs to deliver a relevant, positive and memorable message. Ideally it is used consistently over a certain number of years. Great taglines have the power to effectively support the brand positioning and brand image. Let us create your brand taglines or improve and utilize the full potential of existing ones.

Identity & Values

A holistic brand identity does not only consist on the name or visual elements such as the logo design, colours and fonts. Business visions, the mission, personality, purpose and values all complete the whole spectrum of brand identity or brand core. Nowadays, consumers want to know what intangible values a company and brands stand for. All these elements should be linked to the strategy and positioning. Let us develop your visual, verbal and value-based brand elements in a structured way that conform to your strategy.

Additional Services

Corporate communications
Does your corporate communications reflect your positioning or what you want to be perceived as? Let us have a look at your verbal and visual communications on your various channels and touchpoints. It is about aligning the content and having  consistent and integrated messages on all your channels. We can also support you by creating copy text for you.

Workshops / Masterclasses
Have you thought of offering your employees a workshop or a masterclass in branding to make them better understand the brands they work for? Your employees are also your brand ambassadors. Make sure they identify themselves with your brands and that they convey positive messages amongst their circle of people outside the work environment. Together we can define the content and elaborate a programme. We would be glad to run the workshop or masterclass at the venue of your choice.

Keynote speaking
Would you like to offer a talk or speech at a seminar, a conference or a public event about branding? In consultation with you, we will define the content and duration of the presentation. We look forward to hearing from you.