What we do for you

We help building brands and utilising potentials.

Power Brand International mainly covers these areas:

> Brand building (naming, strategies, positioning, visual identity, brand guidelines)

> Brand & business analysis

> Rebranding

> Mentoring / Coaching

We are evaluating online products and services for 2021.



CORPORATE: Companies need a long-term strategy and a clear and unique identity. They manage to build a solid and competitive foundation of their corporate brands. Besides consumers, corporate brands also connect with other stakeholders. We develop, assess and improve on these areas as follows:

Corporate Vision

We support our clients by defining a long-term vision and goals in a way that they can support the corporate strategy and the other elements of the corporate identity.

Purpose & Mission

Every company should be aware of why it exists (purpose) and what missions it wants to accomplish. It is about the why and how in a credible way. We help to define these factors in a way that they can appear relevant and be understood by top management, the customers and the employees as well.

Corporate Values

Companies must have values according to which they act and that they communicate. Customers have become quick to judge which is why credibility and proof matters to them. We can help you to identify and define suitable corporate values.

Corporate Strategy

Long-term success needs a clear and cohesive strategy that helps achieving corporate goals. We can help you to choose and implement the most suitable corporate strategies and to synchronise your corporate identity with these strategies.

PRODUCTS & SERVICES: Brands need strategies that aim at achieving long-term objectives and a strong positioning as well as a unique identity. We develop, assess and improve in these areas as follows:

Brand Positioning

A clear and unique brand positioning serves as an anchor for the brand’s target groups. It shows what a brand stands for and what makes it special. Differentiation, a unique selling proposition, distinctiveness and covering spaces of emotions put a stamp on a brand’s positioning. A brand and its positioning will be further strengthened by using a smart tagline. We highlight all these important factors and elements for your brand.

Brand Values

Today consumers want to know, what values a brand stands for and according to which it operates. These values must be chosen carefully and with a long-term perspective. Communicating them and the aspect of credibility are crucial. We can help you to choose and define the ideal values for each single brand and case.

Brand Strategy

There are different brand strategies to choose from, but it depends on the case on which one works best. Companies with more complex structures and with a larger product portfolio need to choose the strategy that suits them best very carefully. It depends on growth plans, new product launches, target groups, consumer segments and a few other criteria. We can help you to find and implement the best strategy.

Brand Building

Brands need a verbal and visual identity. The name is one of the most important and most underestimated elements. Colours, fonts and designs, as well as product packaging, are also part of a brand’s identity. We develop impactful solutions and provide valuable advice to help you choosing the right elements.