Work: corporate communications

Power Brand International was asked to support KEA PROJECTS GROUP, Cape Town, in a corporate communications project. The company delivers engineering solutions in the shipyard, oil and gas industry. To work for this industry was new to us but made the project even more exciting.

They redesigned their website and needed more cohesion and integration between the website and their social media activities which is where we provided targeted consulting and advise. We delivered solutions for aligning and structuring the content in all their digital channels. We met the directors and the project manager in order to outline the needs and potential for improving the content in a more integrated and structured way.

The aim was also to take their positioning into consideration and apply a suitable corporate language in order to increase relevance for their potential and existing customers.

KEA PROJECTS GROUP still is a rather your company that seems to be establishing well in this heavy industry. Their work takes them to different places in South Africa and other african countries.

This project was a great pleasure since it gave us interesting insight into a special and interesting industry.

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