Work: Renaming

An established photo studio in Cape Town called ‘The Creative Studio’ wanted a relaunch of the website. New Business development should also be pushed further. In a first meeting and after a few questions we suggested to go further than just redesigning the website. We suggested a rebranding and provided some valuable reasons why. The photographer saw that there was more to be done than just having the website redesigned. We strongly believed that there was a need for a new name and a new visual identity.

We did not come up with a long list of new names, since we had a concret vision of how the business should be renamed. Our suggestion was to use the photographer’s name and the word ‘photographer’ in order to promote the type of business. Personal names evoke aspects like confidence, authenticity and credibility, which we believed was important in this case.

Lucia Pollard wanted to keep the name ‘the creative studio’, at least as a sort of a slogan. The idea was to keep existing customers loyal. We explained it would be best to go for a complete new redesign and not to keep former elements. We wanted the new look to be reduced to only what we believed was necessary. The new name and brand design would definitely be appreciated by the existing customers as well. Furthermore it would support the aim of gaining new customers.

So the business is finally called ‘Lucia Pollard Photography’. A simple but effective solution. It is a concept that many photographers actually use. As Lucia Pollard wanted to design the new logo herself, we just gave advice in terms of fonts and colours. We also suggested to rename her Instagram account accordingly. Since then the number of followers is on the increase. The redesign of the website was done by the digital agency that created the previous website.

We enjoyed this project very much as we helped to rebrand an established business.

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