Our work

Our projects in 2019 and 2020 

Our clients come from various industries and have asked us for support in of naming, positioning, brand strategy, brand taglines, product portfolio & focus analysis, visual identity, marketing and communications. Naming plays a major part. We developed new business names, renamed businesses and analysed existing brand names.

Reference overview:

. Webprinter (printing company), South Africa

. Nale Boutique (online shoe boutique), South Africa

. Bulungu (non-profit organisation), South Africa/Sambia

. The Beauty Brand (beauty & image consulting), South Africa

. Cosa Travel (travel agency), Switzerland

. Servitron (technical aftersales services), Switzerland

. Lern-Erfolg (learning coach), Switzerland

. Open Co Work Space (work space for architects & designers), South Africa

. Elixagen (protein based food supplements), South Africa

. KEA Projects Group (mining & shipyard services provider), South Africa

. Lucia Pollard Photography (photographer), South Africa

. Strategy & Naming for a food startup (project is pending), Germany

. Naming for an online platform (project is pending), Germany

. Tailored (health industry), South Africa