Our work in 2019

Our customers grow through us, we grow through our customers. 

In our first year of business we worked for customers in different industries and in different fields of branding.


Elixagen is a new brand for nutritional protein products. The product is aimed at people who lead a modern, active and healthy lifestyle. We supported Elixagen before and during the launch mainly with brand building.

WORK: Before the product launch we had the brand name and the logo design tested amongst the main target audience. We developed the questionnaire, conducted personal interviews and created the final reporting which we presented to Elixagen. We also created a suitable tagline to support the brand. Packaging design: Further to that we supported Elixagen regarding the packaging design and worked closely with the graphic designer.


Servitron is a new technical aftersales service provider. Half a year before the launch in summer 2019 we were asked to develop a new corporate name.

WORK: After a written briefing we started a multi-staged development process. After an intense period, we finalised the new name. We applied our own development method. Strategic aspects, the most important naming criteria and legal issues were also taken into consideration. The trademark registration took place in Switzerland.

We also created a corporate tagline which has been used since the launch. A two-coloured logo was created by our professional graphic design partner in close cooperation with us. 


An established photographer worked under a name that was not very suitable for years. Her branding needed a fresh, new look. We were chosen for this rebranding project. 

WORK: After evaluating the most suitable naming concepts, we chose to go for a personal approach. Our client approved wholeheartedly. The logo design was changed as well and the website was updated accordingly. The work resulted in a strong and new business name and a fresh and modern look.


Cosa Travel is an established travel agency in Zürich. For a corporate incentive trip of an international software company to Cape Town they asked us to support them with a special branding task. We were asked to organise local products as a gift for 150 guests that attended from all over the world.

WORK: After evaluating and recommending a number of suitable products, we had chosen five different products in accordance with Cosa Travel. Amongst the products were such brands as Charlotte Rhys (a premium body and lifestyle products brand) and Rialheim (premium ceramic products). The entire process and coordination with the local producers, the hotel, a local printing company as well as with the client was smooth, efficient and successful.  


A rather new company in the shipyard, oil and gas industry needed to update their website and align their corporate communications with their corporate strategy.

WORK: We were chosen to create new suitable content and to restructure it on their digital platforms and touchpoints. We worked closely with their marketing team and gained exciting insights of an interesting industry.


OPEN CITY is an established and successful architecture and design company that had launched a new Co Working Space. We were contracted to assist with their branding as a result of a slow start. 

WORK: We developed a naming solution and analysed the respective market in order to define a corporate positioning. Additionally, we defined and determined new corporate values and a long-term vision. A communications concept in order to promote the new work venue completed our work. Since early 2020 the new branding is being applied and new partners and business individuals could be gained.


This young online fashion label, specialising in premium footwear ‘Made in Italy’, needed fresh, new ideas for the brand and their marketing. We were chosen to fulfil this task.

WORK: After a market and business analysis, we worked out the following: Brand positioning, campaign and corporate slogans, website content optimisation and marketing ideas as well as a new customer service. As a result, new customers could be acquired soon. We also supported Nale Boutique with supply chain management issues.  

We are thankful for the trust that was put in us.